Are Facials Worth It?

Many women ask whether facials are worth the time and money.

This is a confusing issue, thanks to the endless misinformation we are fed from advertising and marketing from different brands and companies. Aside from the products, what can the facial treatment itself, do?

There are many women out there who are diligent about their monthly fix, others do it occasionally. Some…none at all.

The reasons for having a facial also differ. Some get their facial for the relaxation; some women try to solve a skin issue. Others just get a facial because they are told that they are “great!” and see no real results after wards.

So here’s the deal…what are the benefits of the facial? What do they achieve? And more importantly, how do they fit into my budget, lifestyle and skincare routine?

What makes some facials amazing and some, well, just….a waste of time?

To answer these questions, let’s deconstruct the humble facial! A facial is usually a cleanse, steam, extract, masque, massage and go. For a congested skin, an exfoliation step was added. You were left feeling good, and off you went.

Today, the humble facial has rapidly evolved as science and research has been developed.

Today, we have the power of ‘nanotechnology’ (particles of actives being small enough to penetrate the skin to the dermis), today we have highly effective acid peels AHA’s and  BHA’s which are fruit acids that simply ‘dissolve’ dead skin cells!

Today, we have medical research that can provide us with product that enhances the life of skin cells, prevent ski n cancer, generate cell energy and change physiological actions of the cells!

Today, the humble facial is called the Skincare Treatment.

So to answer the questions, what are the benefits of having these treatments?

With a good aesthetician and the correct product, a facial can do for your skin what you won’t be able to do at home! It will resurface skin, get rid of dead skin cells, clean out pores, re energise the skin, rebuild the collagen and elastin (aka the skin scaffolding) and infuse the skin with lost nourishment. The professional lifestyle advice doesn’t hurt either. With a facial you can treat many skin care concerns, safely and effectively.

What do they achieve?

They achieve a younger, cleaner, fresher, rejuvenated complexion that improves skin health. This means reducing pigmentation, signs of ageing, dehydration, acne and other skin issues. It provides a boost to the skin that you can maintain at home with homecare.

How will it fit into the budget, lifestyle and routine?

There are many different skincare treatments you can choose from. Some are quite basic, others more advanced, depending on the skin issue you are treating. But if I can offer one point of advice, I’d say if you can afford it, don’t hold back from having the best.

You should ideally have a facial once every four weeks, because our cell renewal cycle is on average twenty eight days.

So are facials worth it? Absolutely!